Closing down GOOGLE PLUS, at risk was data of 5 million users

Staff reporter, New Delhi
09/10/2018   0 Comments

Facebook is now threatening hacking Technology giant Google Social Media has come on Google Plus. Google has said that a possible bug has been found in the 5 million Google Plus accounts, which can publicize their data. The company is currently shutting down Google Plus on its social networking platform Google Plus. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Google has not stated this, citing security reasons, and that's exactly what the bug is and what has happened. According to the report, due to a software defect, external software developers could potentially gain access to private Google Plus profiles. This data was from 2015 to March 2018. However, it has been fixed by the company after internal investigation.

According to Google, the affected data in the affected data includes the personal data such as names, emails, businesses, genders and agencies given in the Google Plus profile. Google has said, 'We have not received any evidence that the developer keeps information about this bug or it has misused it. We have not found any evidence that any profile data has been misused. According to Google, these personal details were potentially at risk of approximately 5 million users. Significantly, Google has been shutting down Google Plus for only users, but it will continue for enterprise users. Because it is used more for companies.

Today Google's hardware event is Made by Google, in which the company is preparing to launch several products other than Google pixel smartphones. In this event, hopefully Google CEO Sundar Pichai will speak on this matter and tell the next plan. It is also possible that the company should do something new in its social media platform so that Facebook can compete. Because Google Plus was launched to counter Facebook, but it has not happened.


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