An IRTS officer’s work of fiction-Interview

Staff reporter, New Delhi
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 An IRTS officer’s work of fiction 

Mukul Kumar, a senior bureaucrat, presently working in the Ministry of Railways in New Delhi is an avid reader and loves travelling. When not on duty call, the officer indulges in writing books and poetry and excels in both. In conversation with the 1997 batch officer of the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) on his pursuit of writing fiction.  

My writing journey began with poetry. I began scribbling verses right from my school days. As far as I can recall, my poetry picked up well when I was in post graduation. In 2012, the collection of my poems titled ‘Irrepressible Echoes’ was published. After that I developed fascination for fiction, and I wrote my debut novel ‘As Boys Become Men’ which was published from Rupa publications in 2016.

My experience says that writing is a matter of natural gift, and I believe so is any other art form. I got inspired by the feeling that I am incomplete without writing. But yes, once you have that kind of sensibility, intense experiences around you it does inspire you to write. And yes, the exciting feeling of your book touching the lives of the readers is an eternal inspirer.

The force of passion is compelling. Many a time you feel so possessed with ideas and thoughts that you feel that you are a mere agent they have chosen to express themselves. In this situation, you tend to use all the surplus time to write, and this surplus might mean sacrificing the basic activities like sleeping, exercising, etc. Basically, you turn into a thief of time. But let me tell you at the end of the process what ensues is not fatigue but freshness.

My latest novel is ‘Seduction By Truth’ which is being released from Bloomsbury in the coming October 2018. It has already been released on Amazon and other portals for preorder. This novel deals with the problem of diminished passion after physical attraction between the spouses dries up after the initial few years. The story begins from the protagonist and his wife caught up in a lull in their desire for each other. But the protagonist gripped with the conflict between Dharma and Desire is unable to overstep marriage. But fate had some other plans, just around then the protagonist discovers affair of his wife, which frees his conscience. An angry and hurt husband decides to take revenge against his wife but not by getting separated or something like that. But his rational take on life turns his revenge absolutely unique. Thereafter, it turns out to be an exciting tale of conquests of women by the protagonist. This novel ends up studying marriage as a social institution. It has feministic leanings as well because wife is hailed as woman first and wife later. So while women will find the novel gratifying, men will relish the adventure in passion.

I love reading , traveling, and watching movies, though now more on TV. Listening to Kishore Kumar songs remains a favourite indulgence right since my young days.


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