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No breakthroughs for India from WTO MC11

Staff Reporter, New Delhi
14/12/2017   0 Comments

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference (MC) organized in Buenos Aires (Argentina) ended without a Ministerial Declaration or any substantive outcome. In the run up of MC11, a permanent solution on food security and other agriculture issue was expected.

 "Unfortunately, the strong position of one member against agricultural reform based on current WTO mandates and rules, led to a deadlock without any outcome on agriculture or even a work programme for the next two years." said a statement released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Also, Ministerial Decisions on new issues like Investment Facilitation, MSMEs, gender and trade, which lacked a mandate or consensus, were not taken forward.

Some of the other decisions that were taken included a Work Programme on disciplines on Fisheries Subsidies with a view to arriving at a decision by MC12. It was also decided to continue with the non-negotiating mandate of the existing Work Programme on E-commerce.

Due to divergence on key guiding principles of WTO, the Ministers could not arrive even at an agreed Ministerial Declaration, Bureaucracy Today reports.


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