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BSNL rectifies modem malware

Staff reporter, New Delhi
01/08/2017   0 Comments

State-run BSNL has said it has taken prompt action for reconfiguring the virus- affected modems and restoring the broadband services of a few thousand subscribers across the country and has advised them to change their modem passwords.
The situation has "contained to a large extent and further efforts are on, to address the remaining complaints", BSNL said in a statement.
"It is observed that, in the modems affected by attack, the "Internet" LED display of the modem turns to red colour, and internet surfing was not happening. It has been identified that the attack is mostly limited to the modems for which the customers are continuing with the default "admin" password, and those which are associated with already infected computers/devices," the statement said. 
"Customers are advised immediately to change the default modem password to their unique password, following best practices of setting passwords, so as to prevent virus attack into their modems,"  was the BSNL advisory.
It also issued instructions to all BSNL field units to educate all the customers about the procedures to configure their modems to prevent any vulnerability exploitation. 
60,000+ BSNL broadband Modems were affected by a Botnet Malware showing symptoms like the Internet connection keeps fluctuating and the red LED is turned on the modems.


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